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  • Using GP prescribed steroid creams to calm an infection or bad flare up, but long-term, this isn’t the answer!

It thins the skin, which means when eczema comes back, the skin is even less able to deal with it.

The wonders of this calming,natural organic balm make it possible to do something about even very bad eczema,psoriasis and dry skin conditions. I make the skin balm for my own daughter who use to suffer with eczema. It is 100% natural and safe for all the family.

If used every morning and evening when the skin can be red and sore, by the following morning the redness is gone, and the day after, skin is virtually back to normal.

(*Please note each individual is different, therefore can take a few days for this, in very server cases. It will work!)

Specially made to soothe and repair damaged, inflamed, broken and dry skin problems like Eczema, Psoriasis,Dermatitis, dry chapped skin.This gentle Balm repairs deep into skin tissue, whilst leaving a protected layer over the skin. Eczema Balm is 100% natural, using Organic, Un-refined ingredient.

Tip – Add a tiny amount into the bath twice a week for a full body hydration.

Soil association ingredient

Vegan and Child Friendly.

No Nasty Chemicals

Not tested on animals

Ingredient – unrefined shea butter, Black seed oil, neem, flaxseed oil, olive squalane, Vit E



Customer Review
Karla, UK
 I have tried every product going over the years to try and cure my Eczema and Becca cured it within a week with her magical balm!
THE best products I have ever used and such fantastic value for money, smell delicious and look lovely on my bathroom shelves.
Not only is Becca a skincare wizard but she is so passionate and knowledgeable about how organic choices can affect your overall health, you don’t get that over the counter in Harvey Nicks! Cannot recommend these products enough.




Suitable for sensitive skin including Eczema, Psoriasis and dry skin conditions.

This gentle balm repairs deep into skin tissues whilst hydrating and healing dry itchy skin.

Using a blend of skin repairing ingredient this rich hydrating balm reduces inflamed broken skin. Safe for use on all the family, natural product therefore a small amount goes a very long way.

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30ml, 60ml, 120ml, 500ml

9 reviews for Skin Balm

  1. Paige

    This balm is incredible. My skin has healed so fast, I honestly can’t believe the results. I used in my bath 2/3 times a week Plus morning and night. The eczema balm lasts for ages too as a small amount really does go a long way. Becca also gives a wealth of information which has helped me understand and care for my skin better. Thank you so much.

  2. Daniella

    I bought this for my young daughter, we were all at a loose end with her red raw skin and bleeding. This balm is a miracle and within days I could see a huge difference. Becky has given us so much advice and info about skin and what and what not to use. Amazing product.

  3. Tehmoona Shabbir

    My son has suffered with eczema for 11 years, he gets it on his face and neck quite bad which he is pretty self conscious about, using the balm cleared up his eczema on his face and neck really quick. It is a total life saver for him and we’re both incredibly happy with the product. Thank you so much!!

  4. Lyndsey

    Having used Becca’s products on myself for a while with great results I thought I’d try the eczema balm as my son was suffering from this condition. After one bath with a spoonful in I can notice a difference and he’s not been itching it either! It’s absolutely amazing!

  5. Claire McClean

    I bought this about two weeks ago and within a week it had already cured the eczema on my hands. I have tried everything on my eczema and it hasn’t worked – best thing about this is there are no chemicals, and a little goes a long way! Thank you.

    • Rebecca Ahmed

      Thank you so much for take the time to write your review, being a small business I appreciate it. I’m glad it’s helped you. Becca x

  6. Shaf

    This balm is amazing. My daughter has eczema on her legs. The doctors just keep giving us steroid creams. We purchased this balm the other day and applied as directed. The next morning my daughter’s legs had cleared up. We were shocked with the results. Hopefully this balm will remove the eczema permanently. We use it every time it flares up.

  7. Graham

    Just tried this stuff today and although it doesn’t smell great the itching has stopped after one bath and one application, this balm is unbelievable and amazing, thank you becca. How often are you in Leeds centre?

    • Rebecca Ahmed

      This is fantastic Graham, thank you for your feedback. I’m in Leeds on the first and third Sunday of every month. 😊

  8. Graham Wright

    Just tried this stuff today and although it doesn’t smell great the itching has stopped after one bath and one application, this balm is unbelievable and amazing, thank you becca. How often are you in Leeds centre?

  9. Kate Townend (verified owner)

    My one year old
    Daughter was bought this by a family member after having quite angry looking eczema that other natural creams weren’t having and effect on. With perseverance of using the cream we started to see a difference after three weeks and within two months her eczema had cleared up. We’ve been using the cream for six months and I recently stopped using it and found within three weeks, the eczema is coming back. This truly is a magnificent product and I have recommended it to many people

    • Rebecca Ahmed

      Hi Kate, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review. I’m so glad that your daughter is benefiting from using our skin balm. Becca x

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