Lemongrass & Tangerine Gift Set

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Skin loving Lemongrass and Tangerine gift set includes –

150ml Lemongrass and Tangerine Toner

Using a Natural Toner

Using a toner is often left off the essential daily skincare regime but toners have the ability to help tighten pores, eliminate toxins and rebalance your skin.

Your toner also works to ‘prep’ your skin for your essential facial oils and serum making it penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and work more effectively in retaining moisture.

120ml Oil cleansing balm

Using oil to cleanse your skin is safe, natural and affordable. Based on the principle that ‘like dissolves like’, plant based oil applied to the skin will dissolve excess oil produced by your skin. Cleansing with plant oils help to remove dirt and make up, nurture the skin and balance the production of your skins own natural oil.

Balance Oil Production – When you use plant based oils to cleanse your skin, the good oils help to bind with and remove the bad oils whilst absorbing the good ones, which therefore helps to regulate your own sebum production.

Remove Dirt – Oil binds with dirt to remove it from your pores so its great for cleansing your skin of impurities such as built up dirt and bacteria.

Make Up Remover – Oil cleansing is wonderful for removing make up. I especially love how effective it is for removing eye make up and nourishing your eyelashes when removing mascara. Simply pour a little oil on a cotton pad and wipe over your eyelids until all traces of make up are gone.

Anti Ageing Benefits – Plant based oils are rich in antioxidants which help to neutralise damaging free radicals that cause premature aging. Using plant based oils to cleanse will also help to absorb the skin loving Vitamins  from the oils into your skin for a healthy glow.

Natural and Non Toxic – Unlike many over the counter products which are filled with harmful toxins, plant based oils are a one ingredient product from the earth, so you know that your not putting any nasties on your body.

Treat Acne – Due to its ability to remove dirt, bacteria and regulate oil production without clogging pores, oil cleansing is great for treating acne breakouts.

Hydrates the Skin – With their rich fatty acid content, plant based oils help to hydrate and plump the skin which makes them great as a moisturiser too.

150ml Hydrating Bath/Body oil

Use daily for soft, silky hydrated skin. Using a blend of skin loving oils to create this immensely skin thirsty oil.



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An indulgent, sweet scented skincare set. Beautifully gift wrapped to perfection.

100% Natural ingredient Guaranteed

Not tested on animals Guaranteed

Certified Ingredient Guaranteed

Eco Friendly  Guaranteed


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