CBD OIL 4500mg 50ml

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  • While research into the use of CBD oil is continuing, many users have provided testimonials stating the product has helped them manage certain ailments and conditions. Some of the most common ailments where people have used CBD oil for relief include:

What ailments can CBD oil help with?

Anxiety/Depression/Low moods






Anti – Acne


Pain relief


Joint pain

Muscle recovery



How to consume CBD oil

There are many ways to consume CBD oil, with CBD oil drops being a popular option. These CBD hemp oil drops can be taken orally under the tongue. Which many users find that they get to work quickly. 

Benefits of CBD oil?

With studies into CBD oil high strength extract solutions continuing, there is a growing number of evidence about the benefits of CBD oil, but the reviews of satisfied customers suggest that CBD oil has a positive impact on people’s lives.

There is a need for natural products which lower anxiety,depression and pain, three major problems in modern life. Therefore, the findings of sufferers who have used CBD products to improve their condition is a strong starting point in the argument for the further use of CBD hemp oil drops.

Is CBD oil safe?

One of the most important things about CBD oil is that it is perfectly safe to use. With CBD oil hemp extract, people aren’t being exposed to the high psychoactive THC .

These people aren’t exposed to the hallucinogenic nature of cannabis making CBD oil full spectrum products a safe and legal option *Below 0.3% THC content.

*If this initial amount isn’t strong enough to make a positive difference, it is possible to opt for a stronger amount or a higher dosage. However, the fact that CBD oil drops have provided many people with support and comfort in trying times is positive and a sign that this is a product worth considering.

Ingredient – Organic MCT oil (Multi chain triglycerides) 4500mg Canabinol

**Full instructions on usage will be included with your order.

Customer review (July 2019)

Hi, I am so sorry for not getting in touch sooner. We absolutely love it!!!! (CBD) When I say we my husband is sharing my bottle. It help ease my anxiety and have a better nights sleep. My friends have been buying from Chapel A and honestly I can’t rave about it enough. Xxx

Mahalia Leeds


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  • CBD OIL 4500mg Full Spectrum

Limited time special offer – 50ml Bottle (rrp £275)

If you are looking to take control of your health and you are keen to see if CBD oil products are as effective as many people claim, it is time to try them out for yourself.

100% Natural

Formulated using MCT oil – (Multi chain triglycerides) for faster CBD absorption

No Chemicals

Never testers on animals

Plastic Free Amber glass jar

Eco Friendly



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