About Us

Our Ethos and Story

Becca is a Mum of four and lover of all things natural.

I began my journey many years ago when my daughter had struggled with severe Eczema that became a never ending battle. GP prescribed creams were having little effect, yet causing such long term damage to her skin. So I decided to take action and began researching natural alternatives.

I started my holistic skincare training and began trialling various ingredients until I had perfected the Eczema Balm. I was astonished at how effective the balm was on just the first few uses. It was at this moment I came to realise the healing power of natural ingredients.

Organically You was formed late 2016 and is based in the beautiful leafy area of Roundhay in Leeds. Our organic skincare products are handmade right here in Yorkshire. We have a passion for taking care of skin and believe everyone can achieve a healthy, glowing and youthful appearance naturally. Our products are made in small batches ensuring the freshest products for our customers and  preserving all the wonderful nutrients.

Each ingredient is of the highest quality and has been sourced from only the best natural and organic suppliers. These ingredients are selected for their qualities in repairing, healing and anti-ageing performance.

Specialising in all skin and body conditions. We have a passion and believe in the power of these natural products in lovingly transforming your skincare and your life.

Always be organically You.

Becca ❤️


Bespoke tailor – made products available, please contact Becca to discuss your requirements as everyone is unique.