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Super 7 Oils

Hey all,

Today this is my first of a series of 7 blogs for our brand new Super 7 Facial Oil. Each day I’ll explain the benefits of each one of the key 7 super oils that go into our super 7 facial oil.

The first key ingredient I’ll be blogging about today is the outstanding;

Plum Kernal Oil aka Prunus Domestica

Plum Kernel Oil has a sweet scent and flavour that closely resembles almonds. Rich in Vitamin A, E, oleic acid, linoleic acid, and anti-oxidants, it is beneficial for dry, ageing and mature skin types.

Its moisturising properties bring nourishment and hydration to damaged skin and renews the complexion to maintain healthy skin cells.

The feeling on the skin is very soft as plum oil penetrates the skin easily with no greasy residue.

This oil is cold-pressed and unrefined and plays a vital ingredient in our new Super 7 Facial oil.

Tomorrow I’ll be talking about the second key ingredient, Papaya (aka Paw Paw) oil. Make sure not to miss it.

Lots of love

Becca 💕

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