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What is a Facial Toner

Hey all,

Do you use a toner??? A few reasons why this is a Must in my book.💕

What is a Facial Toner?

The purpose of our Natural Facial Toners is to:

• Tighten the skin

• Reduce pore size

• Remove excess oil

• Dissolve dead skin cells

• Even out skin tones (including lighten age & sun spots)

• Reduce acne

• Balance skin pH levels

50ml – £5.99

100ml – £7.99

150ml – £9.99

Palma Rosa – Acne/ Sensitive

Mandarin & Lemongrass – Normal

Lavender – Redness/Sensitive/calming

Frankincense – Repairing/Clarifying

Available in 50ml, 100ml, 150ml, 200ml, 300ml

Customer Reviews

Hayley – Palmarosa Toner

“Hi Rebecca

I bought some palma rosa facial toner from you at Wetherby food festival a few weeks ago. You recommended it for my skin as I had been struggling with itchy lumps/rash on my jaw line. I love it!! The rash has completely cleared up and it’s even helping with the redness. Please can I order some more? “

Katie – Palmarosa Toner

“I have suffered with very bad breakouts for years, that I always felt I needed to cover. I have been using the toner along with the skin renewing serum and Avocado and Rosehip balm for a month now, I now can go out with no make up on as I finally feel comfortable in my skin.”

Our range of natural toners and there individual benefits.


Palmarosa oil is well-known for its hydrating properties, and can assist in preventing inflammation and quelling dehydration. It also balances the sebum or oil production of your skin, aids in the healing of cuts and bruises, and helps remedy acne breakouts.

Palmarosa is one of nature’s star upholders of skin health for both our faces and bodies. As it regulates skin moisture and oil production it’s suitable for both dry and oily skin. Offering cell renewal benefits, palmarosa essential oil nourishes and restores skin health and harmony.

Palmarosa oil is used to treat skin problems like eczema and psoriasis, as well as spots, boils, abscesses, and acne.

It’s the perfect toner if you have sensitive, dry or oily skin. If your prone to breakouts or rashes under the skin this is definitely for you.

Mandarin &Lemongrass

A balancing daily toner made with antiseptic Lemongrass and restorative Mandarin which together help balance your skin’s oil levels, This Organic Toner helps draw moisture into the skin, preventing even oily skins from getting dehydrated and over producing sebum.


Mandarin essential oil is very mild and known for many healing properties. Helping to reduce acne, brighten the skin, alleviate insomnia, reduce oily skin, diminish the appearance of scars and age spots and minimize stress and wrinkles.


Lemongrass has antimicrobial properties which is effective at healing wounds and skin diseases. Great for oily and spot prone skin.

Strengthen and stimulate the nerves.

It has great soothing, sedating and calming effects on the mind, cures inflammations, itching of skin and it relieves tension and anxiety.

*Not recommended if pregnant*


Lavender essential oil is well worth its therapeutic reputation and prized for its calmimg and relaxing properties.

It’s antiseptic properties help fight environmental damage to slow the signs of ageing. Soothes red inflamed skin and protects sensitive skin. A great treatment for acne breakouts to leave skin clear and blemish free.


Frankincense organic essential oil is intended to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and to treat oily skin, the anti-inflammatory properties of Frankincense oil are thought to be effective at helping poor circulation while its skin healing andvulnerary properties also make it a popular choice.

Intended to help with all skin types especially mature skin, wounds or scarring. As a well-documented astringent, the oil is often used in treatments for oily skin conditions.

• Slow the signs of ageing

• Anti – inflammatory

• Reduce Acne

• Fade scarring and stretch marks

• Eczema

• Balancing hormone levels

• Fatigue

• Headache and Tension

• Ease Chronic stress

Our Organic Toners help draw moisture into the skin, preventing even oily skins from getting dehydrated and over producing sebum.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply after cleansing. Using a cotton pad, move over the face in a upwards direction. Available to purchase at


Becca 💕

‘Always be organically you’

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