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Why everyone should dry skin brush daily

Hey everyone,

Today I thought I’d share my experience of dry skin brushing and the fabulous benefits.


A dry body brush has natural bristles and a long handle. Body brushing should be done when your skin is dry, so before you shower or have a bath.


• Reduce cellulite

• Exfoliate dead cells

• Improve your immune system

• Increase circulation

• Detox your skin

• Unclogs your pores

• Increases energy


Lymph is a fluid in our circulatory system and it contains white blood cells, so lymph also affects our immune system. It picks up bacteria, toxins, and other waste from our blood and filters it through the lymph nodes, where the bacteria is destroyed.  Poor blood circulation means the lymph cannot properly do it’s job resulting in cellulite, varicose veins, and a weakened immune system. Dry brushing improves the lymph flow.


• Dry brush when your body is dry, before you shower.

• Always brush towards your heart. Brushing away from your heart puts pressure on the veins. Plus, we are improving lymph flow. Lymph flows towards the heart.

• The first few times I did this, it was a little uncomfortable (the bristles seem quite harsh). But by the second day is wasn’t uncomfortable at all, I love it and now find it really therapeutic.

• Start at your feet. Brush the bottoms of your feet. Then brush up your legs, long stroking motions towards your heart. I brush each area twice but just once is fine.

• Brush back of your legs

• Brush your buttocks and inner thighs.

• Brush the sides of your torso and your lower back, upwards towards your heart.

• Brush your stomach in a clockwise circle around your belly button.

• Brush your hands and arms, starting with your hands and brush towards your shoulders.

• Brush from your upper back and over your shoulders.

• DO NOT brush over broken skin (cuts, etc.), varicose veins, or bruises.

• Do not brush your face. This is too harsh for the delicate skin on your face.

• The process should take between 5-10 minutes.

• Take a shower after your dry brush.

• Shake your brush over the bin to get rid of skin cells. I wash with soap and water weekly. (Let dry completely before using.)

I do a quick 5 minute brush every morning and about twice a week do a more detailed 15 minute brush (on a weekend when I have slightly more time).


After I’d finished my first brush I instantly noticed that I had more energy and actually felt revitalised, I didn’t expect to feel like this after my first brush!

I also noticed less cellulite on the back of my upper thighs, after approximately 2 weeks……….. how Amazing.

After four weeks, What a difference!! My skin was a lot softer and more hydrated. I had more energy which must be due to removal of toxins and improving lymphatic flow. My skin seems firmer on my legs, arms and hips with a definite reduction of cellulite. I can’t recommend Dry skin brushing enough!

Make sure you purchase a good quality body brush before starting. Head over to to purchase yours.

Lots of love

Becca x

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