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Why we all need Magnesium

Hello everyone,

Hope your enjoying the weekend. In today’s blog I wanted to highlight the reasons why everyone should be using Magnesium.


Why You Should Be using it…..

One of the easiest and most effective ways to combat these symptoms and get rid of toxins is with a weekly detox bath plus daily spray. I use Magnesium spray after my morning shower spraying all over on to damp skin, then massage it in…….. Simple. I also use if before bed all over the body and on the soles of my feet.

A few benefits of Magnesium:

• Improves sleep

  1. • Supports healthy joint and cartilage function

• Improves digestion

• Relieves morning sickness

• Relieves anxiety and panic attacks

• Improves concentration

• Reduces stress

• Prevents blood clots

• Improves oxygen use

• Reduces water retention

• Reduce swelling

And here are a few health benefits of sulfates:

• Prevents headaches

• Flushes toxins

• Improves absorption of nutrients

Using transdermal high quality magnesium to create a natural Magnesium Oil spray.

The real visible results are amazing, fatty deposits reduced due to the Magnesium working to break these down and remove toxins naturally. It helps relieve excess water retention, which has left a smoother reduced waistline.

This product can be used on any targeted area of the body, whilst also increasing magnesium levels in the body, which helps muscle and joint pain.

So if your looking to reduce water retention and body fat naturally??!…….. this product is definitely for you!

The picture below shows one side non magnesium spray and the other side 6 weeks of using 5-10 sprays morning and night on the targeted area only.

How to apply

5-10 sprays morning and night, ideally after bath or shower. This product may cause a tingling which should subside after a few applications. Warning Glass Bottle can be slippery.

You can purchase a bottle of magnesium oil spray at

Thanks for reading.

Becca 💕

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