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My magic black powder

Hey all,

I need to share my absolutely love đź’• for the magic black powder (this is what I have named it) Activated Charcoal.

Activated Charcoal also known as activated carbon – is charcoal that has undergone a heating process that makes it safe for medicinal use.

This process, which increases the charcoal’s adsorptive ability, allows it to expand into a porous surface capable of trapping a multitude of toxins and chemicals (which is a ‘must’ in this day and age).

While its main use throughout history has been as an internal supplement for easing digestive distress and detoxing, its properties have also been found to benefit the skin… hip hip hooray.

Below I’ve outlined some of the benefits of this magic black powder, AKA Activated Charcoal.

Gentle exfoliates

In addition to removing impurities, activated charcoal’s slightly gritty texture makes it a great option for gentle exfoliation. Exfoliating is essential for removing buildup on the surface of our skin, which can clog pores, further exacerbate blemishes, and result in an uneven, dull appearance. Activated charcoal helps us achieve even, supple skin with a one-two combination of exfoliation and simultaneous purification. Plus, it’s gentle enough to use on sensitive skin since the granules are so small.

Balances oily skin

While natural oil production is necessary for keeping our skin moisturized, glowing, and free of wrinkles, too much can be a problem. Oily Skin can trap dirt and other impurities from the environment, which then sit on our skin and result in clogged pores—especially if you aren’t regularly exfoliating.

Activated charcoal, again with its adsorptive quality, can bind to these impurities and excess oil, while gently loosening deeply-ingrained particles with its gritty texture.

Shrinks appearance of pores

Excess oil and dead skin can become trapped in pores over time, causing them to enlarge with debris. Large pores can give us a tired, aged look – and who wants that?

Using activated charcoal as a mask and scrub can help loosen the debris clogging up your pores. In addition, it will also adsorb any foreign impurities that may have slipped into your enlarged pores.

Helps remove impurities

A process that involves attracting chemicals and toxins using an electric charge. The surface of activated charcoal, filled with millions of tiny pores, has a negative charge that attracts and binds with positively-charged toxicants.

The adsorptive ability of activated charcoal is so powerful, in fact, that for the last 100 years it has been used internally as an antidote to serious poisoning.

This adsorptive quality can have a powerful effect when it comes to binding impurities on the surface of our skin, such as dirt, pollutants from our environment, and everyday build-up.

So all in all, I’m sure you can now see why I’ve given Activated charcoal the name ‘Magic Black powder’.

When using the powder a tiny amount goes a very long way, as with all my natural products. Using only a quarter tsp (just for face and décolletage) or half a tsp for the body,mixed with either spring water or my favourite natural facial toner which can be purchased at Depending on what consistency you prefer start with just a small amount and increase if needed. To make it easier I just fill the lid of my toner to the top twice and mix well. Leave on for approximately 15/20min, rinse and pat dry.

This is currently on sale at

Lots of love

Becca ❤️

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