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Let’s talk Turmeric………

Hey all,

Today I wanted to highlight the amazing benefits and natural healing power of the ever so humble, turmeric.

One of my best selling products due to the added goodness of Black Pepper essential oil!! Which allows faster absorption of this wonderful ingredient.

When massaged into the skin it creates a warming sensation to help all who suffer joint and muscle pains.

Better absorption through the skin means your body gets a greater turmeric benefit.Why is a skin application a better way to supplement turmeric? Quite simply, turmeric is absorbed significantly better by the skin than in our gut.

Turmeric is very poorly absorbed in the digestive system. How poor? I’ve seen estimates that place turmeric’s absorption at about 5%. That means that a capsule, tablet, powder, or liquid preparation of turmeric goes largely unused by your body.

The enhanced absorption of turmeric through the skin means much less quantity is needed to achieve your sought after benefits.

Potent anti-inflammatory action from one of nature’s most loved (and researched) herbal remedies.

Wide range of potential benefits to the health, such as:

• Antioxidant

• Antiviral, antibacterial, anti-allergy immune support

• Pain relief (especially in arthritis)

• Enhances cognitive function

• Balances hormones

• Encourages a good night’s sleep

• Promotes energy

• Supports healthy, youthful skin

• With anti-ageing properties

• Fighting free radicals

• Reduces excessive iron levels

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Lots of love

Becca XX

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